All of my courses are offered one-on-one, online through Skype, Google +, or FaceTime. Each class comes right to your family through the Internet, which makes finding time for mindfulness easy and convenient!

Programs for Adults

Introduction to Mindfulness (8 weeks, 1 lesson per week): This one-on-one, 8-week program introduces you to the basics of mindfulness meditation and mindful living. I'll meet with you once a week online through Skype, FaceTime or Google+ for 30-45 minutes. Each class will include a guided meditation, a lesson, and time for questions and discussion. The lessons will explore different mindfulness practices that connect us with our bodies and our environments, help us work through difficult emotions, and cultivate compassion and gratitude in our lives. Between our weekly lessons, I'll ask you to practice what we've learned so that we can talk about how it's going at the next lesson. I'll also be available throughout the program by email, phone, or chat to support your new practice and answer questions as they come up, and you'll be welcome to join a weekly online group meditation. Suggested donation $400 Contact me to sign up!

Individualized Mindfulness CoachingAlready have a mindfulness practice? Coaching can strengthen your practice and take many forms depending on your needs. See my Mindfulness Coaching page.

Programs for Kids and Teens  

Mindfulness ABC's (8 weeks, 2 lessons per week): Students in 1st through 5th grade will work with me one-on-one (or with their grown-up nearby) online to learn the basics of mindfulness. I'll meet with the student online through Skype, FaceTime or Google+ for 15 minutes at a time. Whether they are dealing with playground dramas or difficulties paying attention in class, your elementary school child can benefit from these kid-friendly exercises. Together, your child and I will explore new tools for attention, compassion, and awareness of breath and body. Students in this program will learn to recognize thoughts and emotions and will finish equipped to bring mindfulness tools into their daily lives. Suggested donation $400 Contact me to sign up!

Mindfulness for Middle Schoolers (8 weeks, 2 lessons per week): Between hormones and homework, middle school can take its toll on your child. This course, intended for 6th through 9th graders, provides the student with a firm grounding in the fundamentals of mindfulness to help them happily and healthily make their way through an often challenging time of transition. Working one-on-one with me online through Skype, FaceTime or Google+ for 15 minutes at a time, your student will gain tools for improving interpersonal skills, dealing with test anxiety, and gaining body awareness. This course will also help your middle schooler to manage their emotions and their relationships. Suggested donation $400 Contact me to sign up!

High School Mindfulness (8 weeks, 2 lessons per week): AP and IB testing, college applications and varsity sports -- in high school your young adult faces a daily onslaught of stressors. This program will help them to take these challenges in stride by increasing their focus, improving their ability to pay attention, raising their body awareness, and encouraging self-acceptance. Working one-on-one with me online through Skype, FaceTime or Google+ for 15 minutes at a time, your student will learn firsthand how and why mindfulness can help her academically, socially, and emotionally. Suggested donation $400 Contact me to sign up!

Kids' and Teen programs are also offered in an abbreviated 4 week, 2 lessons per week format - Suggested donation $200

Gift Certificates and Family Packages also available!

Please contact me for more information about courses and pricing.