About Dana: Generosity

All of my courses are offered for free in the spirit of generosity.

 I offer my programs for free on a pay-as-you-like basis in the spirit of generosity. In Buddhist teachings, dana, or generosity, is what supports the community of monks and laypeople. The laypeople provide the monastic community with gifts of food so that the monks can continue to study and offer teachings to the community. The two groups nourish and support one another.

Mindfulness Online is non-dogmatic, but the concept of dana still applies. We offer our courses on a pay-as-you-like donation system, with the intention to teach mindfulness to as many children and adults as possible. In return, we ask that you give back to us in the same spirit of generosity so that we can continue to function and offer mindfulness training to even more students.

While we have listed suggested donation amounts these are merely to provide a starting point. I invite you to reflect on your needs and give what feels generous to you, any more than that breeds resentment and frustration—and that is not my intent. What feels generous today may be different tomorrow, so make sure that you are giving what feels right for you.

Suggested Donations:

We encourage you to please contact me to discuss this further if you have any questions.