Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Coaching: Coaching can strengthen and expand your practice. I offer weekly one-on-one, online sessions of 30-45 minutes where I will guide you through a meditation and we can discuss your practice. Sometimes our busy lives make it easy to slip away from mindful living, and having a weekly check-in can help us stay on track. Simply by making the commitment to dedicate the time each week to bring attention to your practice, you will be taking a huge step forward! All of the benefits of mindful living and regular meditation don't necessarily come easily--but I'm here to help you!

A regular, sustained practice will bear the most fruit, so I ask that my students dedicate themselves to a regular practice for at least two months during coaching. If you are pretty new to mindfulness meditation, or your practice isn't very regular, that may sound a bit daunting, but you can do it! And you'll be happy you did. :) 

Suggested donation for two months of weekly mindfulness coaching - $400 Contact me to sign up!