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Mindfulness techniques can help relieve anxiety, manage emotions, and focus attention. I teach a variety of introductory mindfulness programs for adults and kids, because just as adults can benefit from meditation, yoga, and Tai Chi, age appropriate mindfulness exercises empower kids to manage their inner lives.

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Already have a mindfulness practice? Coaching can strengthen your practice and take many forms depending on your needs. Maybe you could use some guided meditations tailored to your situation, or advice on an area of practice with which you are struggling? Or maybe you just want to talk to someone about how it's going and have a scheduled time to sit? 


What is this mindfulness stuff, and what is this site all about?


Photo by: Gregory Crespo

Photo by: Gregory Crespo


Mindfulness Online was featured on Hay House Radio's You Can Heal Your Life program. If you missed the interview, you can hear it by clicking the player below, or by subscribing to Hay House Radio and listening to their archives.

My favorite part is mindful breathing. I like having an anchor spot to focus my breathing. It can help you calm down easier when you are upset.
— Noah, 9 year old
Leslie is one of the most patient and empathetic teachers I’ve ever known. She is that rare kind of person who makes you feel better after talking with her, regardless of how much pain you might be feeling. I always feel more relaxed, aware of my feelings, and present in the moment when she teaches me mindfulness techniques.
— Sally, 23 years old
Mindfulness definitely helps me when I’m taking tests and when I’m really angry. I take three mindful breaths and then I feel relaxed.
— Sofia, 9 years old
Leslie is a nurturing and patient teacher. We have learned how to slow down and focus on breathing, listening, smelling, seeing, and even tasting. In such a fast paced world, it’s refreshing to help my children practice ways of calming down and re-focusing. Leslie is very flexible and uses a great curriculum that she practices herself.
— Suzanne, mother of 2 boys
I tried the mindfulness techniques you taught me on my last test. I focused on just arriving, putting my test down to breathe when I got stressed, and letting go of my anxious thoughts. It helped a lot! I scored higher than I ever have before!
— Aaron, 21 years old
I use mindfulness when I’m stressed, mad, sad, even happy,
It always helps, it always helps,
You can do it when you’re eating and cooking too,
I do it even when I’m thinking about you.

Do it when you want to,
No one can stop you.
— Anonymous 4th grader
Mindfulness helps me fall asleep when I can’t.
— MacKenzie, 11 years old
For years I have struggled with my meditations. Leslie’s Mindfulness Workshop was just what I have been looking for. We learned and had an opportunity to practice different types of meditation and identify what is best for each of us. Her calm reassurance and patience made for a very comfortable learning environment.
— Kathleen, adult student
Mindful slow motion movement is my favorite because I get to slow down and feel each movement. I like having a journal to write in.
— Nevan, 6 years old
As someone that always wanted to get into meditation, but always felt too distracted to do so, Leslie was a great teacher. She somehow knew how my brain works and knew just what to say to make me feel comfortable and focused. I still use what she said about treating distractions like clouds that float by almost every day!
— Mike, adult student