Teaching the Foundations of Mindful Living

15 minutes at a time.


Mindfulness Online was recently featured on Hay House Radio's You Can Heal Your Life program.  

If you missed the interview, you can hear it by clicking the player below, or by subscribing to Hay House Radio and listening to their archives.


Welcome to Mindfulness Online!  We teach mindfulness techniques to children (6+) and teens to help them live more thoughtful, focused, and joyful lives.  

Does your child suffer from anxiety? Does she struggle to maintain her attention in class? Does he have difficulty managing his emotions?  

Mindfulness training can help!



A growing breadth of scientific studies has shown how mindfulness practice can calm nerves, increase focus and attention, and develop emotional awareness. We all have the capacity to learn to live with more compassion and mindfulness.  And teaching our kids these skills early in life gives them the foundation to live more mindfully, which can be of lasting benefit to them and our communities.  

We offer courses for students of all ages. From Mindfulness ABC's to High School Mindfulness, we have something for everyone! 


Please explore our site to learn more about the courses we offer and about how a little mindfulness can help us all live a lot better.